Patient Testimonials

I consider it both a gift and a privilege to know Dr. Jacobs, and to have him as my D.M.D. For me he sets the bar in what it is to be committed to your work in life and to your patients. He’s an extraordinary human being as well as an exceptional dentist. My life long dental problems unfortunately have given me some expertise in this matter. I will always be grateful to him for the skill and care in which he performed my implant and restoration work. It has been a great contribution to the quality of my life and has allowed me to enjoy a full unabashed smile again.

-Alex C.

I have had routine cleaning and examinations, and one minor, routine surgical procedure. Dr. Jacobs is extremely attentive, a thoughtful listener and takes great care. He also makes himself totally available for contact outside office hours and over weekends. He inspires the highest confidence

About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 20 minutes. All his hygienists are excellent, thorough, serious and careful. They always ask if I pre-medicated — a precaution against cardiac complications and, if I forgot, have refused to begin treatment. Impressive

About Front Desk: Friendly, efficient — one cannot ask for more.

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: 6 years.

-Lisa S. 

This man is smart and keeps up to date with his practice and any new procedures that we the public need to know. He is very pleasant and very attentive to his patients. After seeing 5 previous periodontists over a 6 month period losing 40 pounds and at my wits end with pain and bleeding of my gums I came to Doctor Jacobs. He immediately knew what was wrong with me and prescribed anti biotic medicine and i was cured in one week. This doctor is a true treasure to have available to the public and I would not hesitate one second to see him. We all need more doctors like Doctor Jacobs available to us that take the time to go to seminars and stay up to date with problems that occur with people. I feel there is no better periodontist in New York City then Doctor Jacobs and highly recommend him to anyone.

About Hygienist: Cleaning Time: 65 minutes. Liza a fabulous conscientious hygienist that works for Doctor Jacobs and not only informs the patient of any new ways to help yourself stay well but is an excellent hygienist and does a great job you go Liza!!!

About Front Desk: All excellent and Irma is a gift to have working in the office. Smart quick and attentive to you and just is and always has been very professional to deal with. I have been going to this office for over 10 years and she’s the best!!!

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: for over 10 years.

-Tom C.

I went to Dr. Jacobs for one-time periodontal treatment, and was so satisfied that I just returned for a routine checkup, cleaning, and maintenance. He is highly skilled and thoroughly professional. Moreover, he is conservative in his approach. Unlike another practitioner I had consulted earlier, he isn’t quick to “slice and dice” when more cautious treatment might be sufficient.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff are considerate and caring. They always take the time to do the work properly and address all my questions and concerns. This, too, contrasts with other dentists I’ve experienced who rush through procedures, perhaps to maximize revenues.

From materials displayed on his walls, I discovered that Dr. Jacobs does research and teaching in periodontics and is at the top of his profession. That’s reassuring because new developments and breakthroughs occur that might help patients, and you want your practitioner to be up to date on them.

Any negatives? Just one: The practice doesn’t take any insurance and fees are on the high side. Although my health insurance includes some dental coverage, I still opted to come here. As with much in life, you get what you pay for.

About Hygienist: Liza, the hygienist who treated me on both occasions, is as competent and professional as her boss. Again, I was impressed with the time and patience with which she answered all my questions, provided instructions on home care, etc.

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: 6 months.

 – Pat B. 

 Wonderful man. Kind and gentle and talented. Expert in cosmetic periodontics and honest.

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: two years.

– Barbara B.

Dr. Jacobs is both highly skilled and extremely gentle. He never rushes a procedure. If you need a periodontist, he’s your man. The front office is maintained professionally. His assistants are also gentle, wholly professional, and discrete.

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: Three years.

– Joe P. 

Fantastic doctor. pleasant, kind, courteous, efficient, confident, great results. better to have a great doctor like this and pay a little more.

Treatment Length with Dr. Jacobs: 3 months.

– Randi B. 

Dr. Jacobs is very good and most importantly he is trustworthy and always gives his honest opinion and that is extremely rare with most dentists.

– Jennifer F.

Dr. Jacobs has been my dentist for over ten years. He’s the best in his field. I trust him implicitly and recommend him to all my friends or anyone looking for a top dentist, Staff is great also.

– Lee W. 

The best…the nicest people…incredibly comfortable…the best, painless work

– Chris L. 

Dr Jacobs is not only a skillful periodontist, he is a wonderful person. He and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable during my procedures.

– Cindi C.